Join with us in making a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of at-risk Americans. Suicide is a compelling public health threat, one that is often preventable. Advancing Suicide Prevention® is dedicated to working with our corporate partners to save lives lost to suicide in our nation.

Americans believe corporate social responsibility is more vital than ever before (Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, 2004). In fact, when price and quality are equal, 86 percent of Americans will switch brands to support a cause they believe in (Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, 2004).

By partnering with us, you join with well-respected companies and foundations inspired by the work we do and motivated by the estimated 650,000 Americans who attempt suicide each year. Thanks to these mutually beneficial partnerships, we continue to carry forward on work whose impact in informing prevention of suicide in our nation is undeniable.

We welcome the opportunity to develop new corporate partnerships with companies whose solid history and strong brand image supports a contribution that is significant and clearly defined to the consumer. We strive to provide each corporate sponsor with a unique way to support suicide prevention in a way that is important to them. Please note that Advancing Suicide Prevention® strongly adheres to the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charity Accountability.

Your company can partner in Advancing Suicide Prevention® either by supporting one of our existing programs areas, or by launching a customized program with us. These opportunities are customized to meet your corporate needs and goals for social good; they can include programs aimed at at-risk populations' youth, senior citizens, racial minorities, LGBTQ, or other or at specific policy priorities consistent with your corporate mission.

If your company meets initial guidelines and you'd like to explore a mutually beneficial relationship with Advancing Suicide Prevention®, please contact us. Whether you are looking to market a product using our licensed marks, have a specific idea in mind, or would like to have an exploratory discussion with our cause marketing professionals on how you can begin a partnership with the Advancing Suicide Prevention®, we look forward to hearing from you.